TV warranty - John Lewis v Richer Sounds v Currys

Posted 27th Nov 2016
I'm looking to buy a new TV and was wondering if each warrenty is equal, or is one better than the other?

My personal experience over the years is as follows:

JL - very good

Currys - very bad, stay clear

RS - no experience

Could anyone offer an upto date view - e.g Currys must have upped their game now?

The TV I'am looking at has 5 years warrenty with currys - and the price is on par with the others - but my main issue is I have £300 worth of gift vouchers I need to get rid of - just wondering If I should risk it
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JL - Very good

Currys - Okay, neither good or bad - depends who you get I suppose.

I also have no experience with RS.

If you already have vouchers then personally I'd buy from Currys, you shouldn't have any issues to be honest and what is the worst that can happen? You have to assert your legal rights should it fail and Currys refuse to help which is unlikely.
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JL - very goodCurrys - very bad, stay clearI agree with this. I also have … JL - very goodCurrys - very bad, stay clearI agree with this. I also have no experience with RS.

Thanks for the reply - my gift vouchers are for Currys !
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Thanks for the reply - my gift vouchers are for Currys !

Sorry, I was still editing my comment. Please see the revised version

I wouldn't worry to be honest, I'd go ahead with the purchase.
Jl and RS are great.

Currys... I only heard horror stories to be honest but no experience myself.
Use your gift vouchers, no brainer really!

Saying that though, I know someone who had a problem with their LG TV they bought years ago, it was maybe year 3-4 of the warranty and Richer Sounds could not fix it so they gave him a full refund (the price he paid years ago) and he bought a 4k TV and got the standard 5 year warranty as well. Can't complain about that huh.
Yeah I had an issue with a sound bar after 18 months with RS, I just took it back and they gave me a full refund including the warranty cost on a gift card.
Re. Richer sounds. Personally wouldnt trust them. Have sold used/opened/returned etc items as new in the past-maybe individual stores, however would choose John Lewis (1st choice because of extended warranties) and Currys over them every time. Never had any issues with Currys-in fact on the couple of times i did have to contact CS, they were more than generous.
JL or RS for me. Avoid Currys. Warranty experience with RS has been great. Very straightforward. Good value. Easy to transfer to new owner if you happen to sell your TV to new owner within warranty period.
If the vouchers are physical I'm sure someone on here would buy them for at least 80% of their value. You'd end up paying a bit more overall but you'll get piece of mind with a better retailer
I'd only ever buy a TV or similar from John Lewis or Richer Sounds.
Brought a couple of things from both Currys and John Lewis in the past month and had terms and conditions through via email and seems everyone is going the way of the "SquareTrade" policy now, fix as many times as needed but up to the value of the item. So say your TV costs £800 and have 5 years warranty, a repair is needed and costs £300 to repair you have £500 worth of repairs left in that 5 year period. The Currys warranty is exactly the same basis.

Taken from JL email

Our guarantee provides
- A repair service in the event of breakdown of any functioning part of your product, for the period stated above
- A repair service without charge up to a cost equal to the original purchase price paid for the product
- Repair services provided by authorised service technicians

If we can't repair your item, we'll replace it with an item of equivalent specification. If no equivalent product is available we'll discuss an alternative settlement with you, and we'll always do our best to make sure that you're satisfied with the outcome. Occasionally, we may ask you to pay for the repair and claim the cost of the repair from us.
Thanks everyone for the replies - I do need to use the vouchers but as its a high value item I'm favouring JL/RS. Then I may use the vouchers for small purchases over the coming years and months... lets hope my kettle breaks !

Or selling for 80% is an option - it's a physical gift card that can be used instore or online.
I had a tv from RS that broke after 2 years. They called me into store and offered me a choice of TVs which had the same features my broken one had, I ended being given a brand new tv that cost £899 as a replacement for my £499 one. The new tv even came with a other 6 year guarantee.
I was very impressed.
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