TV: What difference am I going to notice between? g10 x10

    What difference am I going to notice between:
    Panasonic Viera TX-P42X10B…387

    Panasonic Viera TX-P42G10B…spx

    The g10 is full HD, I will be using it for gaming, bluray's, dvd's etc.

    What is the major difference?


    g10 is full HD, on a 42" i would go for the G10, especially if you are running bluray/PS3 etc.

    Saying that i have a 37X10 and it's amazing, even with Blu-ray

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    I still dont know what to do!
    It needs to be full hd, i will regret buying the x10 i am sure of it.
    I want it to last 4-5years.
    The g10, isnt the g15 better?

    Plus.. Is there a lcd that compares to either?

    We just got the S10 (model between those) and it's fantastic. 5 year warranty with RicherSounds.

    If you're that stuck on full hd - get the G10 - discussion over.

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    I'm going to go for the x10 im gonna order it tomorrow!
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