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Tv won't turn on

Posted 17th Sep 2013
My son has a Murphy LCD tv, about 3 years old but very VERY little use (he's usually on his laptop). This evening he's come to put the tv on but the white light on the front continually flashes and the tv won't turn on. The remote won't operate it at all. He's just had GTA V today and now can't play it - any ideas on what I can do anyone?? It's not a large one so I won't take it for repair but if there's anything I can do to it please advise! Thanks guys.
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try unplug it from the socket and plug it back?
also try new batteries in the remote?
Thanks but tried both of those with no luck :-(
Have just disconnected all leads and consoles and plug is still out, will leave it for about an hr (or until tomorrow) then try again but not holding my breath........
as a last resort i always wack it one and sometimes a sudden wack will bring it back into action. X)
Haha don't tempt me!!
At your own risk! Do not try this....

Highly likely with this sort of thing to be a power supply fault. I'm not advocating it in any way but a hair dryer on medium pointed through the back vents helps in some situations - if it's going to work it will only need a warming up - your not trying to melt anything in there - and should be done with the tv unplugged.

If it does work it's only a temp fix also - solution for that is a get it fixed or b don't turn it off again (leave in standby).

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Haha don't tempt me!!

well if you are gonna throw it out, what harm is there in wacking it?

i would suggest support it and then spread your hands and give it a few hard wacks on the back.
then also throw the remote control on a carpeted floor so that it gets the shock but won't shatter as the carpet softens the blow.

i fixed my pc once by holding it up and dropping it on the carpeted floor and it worked. did same thing to a broken mouse.

i also fixed my tv once by getting a heavy shoe and wacking it on the top a few times. SRS. X)
Thank you, will definately try the hairdryer tomorrow (closely followed by a whack if it doesn't work lol!)
Seriously, I'm really surprised that this is happening as it's hardly been used - I could understand if it were in the lounge and was used daily - I will DEFINATELY not be buying another Murphy product
Banging electrical things is a solution that sometimes works for whats called 'dry joints' on the pcb - when a pin on a chip / resistor etc no longer makes a good connection as the solder connecting it isn't sufficient. When I left the trade it was a dying trick though - generally only occured in items that ran hot (tube tv's) and or stuff running high voltages - not something associated with lcd tv's.

A drop isn't needed - just a firm tap in varying places on the back - do it with the power on. If it works the joint will likely expand with heat and lose connection again soon enough.

Thank you, will definately try the hairdryer tomorrow (closely followed … Thank you, will definately try the hairdryer tomorrow (closely followed by a whack if it doesn't work lol!)Seriously, I'm really surprised that this is happening as it's hardly been used - I could understand if it were in the lounge and was used daily - I will DEFINATELY not be buying another Murphy product

PSU faults occur more often when things aren't used tbh. Cheap capacitors in the psu 'dry' up - the hairdryer helps to get the electrolyte in them moving to make a connection.
Thank you so much for your advice - I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will be successful when I try it tomorrow otherwise it's a long time until Chrsitmas when you've got a new game you're dying to play lol (poor lad, we queued to get the game today and now it's just sitting in the box when all of his other friends are playing it) (_;)
My big tv is doing this, I turn it on and the power button comes on but the tv wont come on, the light keeps flashing and making a clicky kind of noise as if it is trying to come on but just wont.
We had the same problem with a Bush tv, just the little light on the front was on but no response at all and remote had no effect Like you, it had hardly ever been used (it was in a spare bedroom) and was about 4 years old. Nothing worked (that included whacking it!!) and after almost 2 weeks of fiddling with it we decided to bin it. I had one last try and randomly pressed all the buttons on the remote in a manic fashion and it suddenly turned on! I still have no idea what happened but it's still going strong and that was about 18 months ago.
Keeping my fingers crossed it continues to work ok Lou!
I've going to try the hairdryer first and then go from there with whacking it and pressing the remote buttons. I just hope SOMETHING works..................
Thanks for your help guys
Sounds like one (or more) of the capacitors in the startup circuit have died, easy and cheap fix but will need repair
It certainly sounds like a PSU failure as others have suggested. Another thing to just try as I had an 'older' relative with this problem. Some newer TV's have a weird reluctance to turn on if put into standby by remote - then turned off at the TV set. When you turn the TV set back on, it stays in standby mode until a button is pressed on the remote. However, some TV's require a 'prolonged' press on a button - not just a single point-and-click. This relative was pressing all the buttons and nothing was happening. The 'power on' light would flash but that's all. After my suggestion of pressing and holding down a number button, the TV miraculously sprung into life.

So; just in case; try pressing and holding down the power button or a number button on the remote. Also, if the TV has controls on the front (sometimes under a flap) the same trick works by holding the channel up or down button until it fires up. In the event that the TV is a dodo, might I suggest a quick look on freecycle to see if anyone has a free telly going spare to relieve your son's hunger for GTA fun? People are always getting rid of old tech TV's round my way as they are worth nothing these days.

Good luck OP & best regards.

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