TV+Broadband+New phone line

    I'm about to move in to my new flat. There's no phone line at the moment (brand new flat)
    What will be the best deal to have phone line (I don't use it too much) nice broadband (mostly for gaming) and TV (ideally with HD channels, SKy sports etc).
    Is BT my only option for the new phone line?


    Dont no about options but Bt were giving free install if you took out 18 month basic deal with them.
    i have talktalk very good deal for line and broadband £17.74 a month.dont think they install line.
    Think virgin do an install of line tv broadband

    Give Sky a ring, I Just moved into my new flat and got sky HD with their 20mb broadband. They're going to come and install the phone line for free as i'm getting their sky talk as well (free weekend and evening calls)


    you maybe able to get virgin, their net is super fast up to 50mb download.

    check their site, [url][/url] and enter your post code to see hwat you can get.


    i'd go for sky deals virign seems to be every expensive IMO unless you phone them up and they give you a cheaper deal.And i think sky are sytliing offering sky+ boxes for free..when you sign up .
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