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Id love a tv and a good computer monitor all in one for my front room. I play alot of games on the pc so wouldnt want to lower the graphic potential. Can you buy such a thing?? Cant see anything on google and hukd.

What are tv cards like now? Had one about five years ago and it was rubbish, could i use that and do away with a tv? No tv licence then either?

Thanks for your help.


You can connect a computer to most HDTV's now as most of them have VGA ports.
Alternatively you can use a DVI-HDMI adaptor.

You'll want a high resolution so HDTV is a must. 1080p if you can afford it.

TV cards are good now. I use one. A good aerial with strong reception is a must, never use the mini aerials included.
You can also record straight to your computer for future playback and also pause/rewind live TV.
You will still need a TV licence though as you are receiving live broadcasts.

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cheers monkey, So what would you go for, tv and use my computer thru that or biggish monitor and watch tv thru that? Or tv and sepperate monitor.....

In addition to Magic Monkey's reply, it is worth noting that connecting a PC via DVI or HDMI may cause overscan of a picture (a throwback to the days of CRT TVs where the screen has small border due to starting and ending points for the top left and bottom right of the picture - this is the nature of analogue TVs hence the overscanning on matrix displays with fixed resolutions). What this means is that the PC's picture may extend beyond the edges of the screen. The PC's graphic driver may have settings to reduce this but that will distort text. If the TV has a special setting for 1 : 1 pixel mapping then this won't be an issue. VGA signals will not exhibit this behaviour.

Many TV cards are compatible with a lot of media centre software although analogue cards can be troublesome. Software like Windows Media Center prefer analogue TV cards to use hardware based encoding (ie. a separate chip on the card to process the TV signals rather than using the main processor), although companies like Hauppauge have special drivers to allow software based analogue TV cards to work with Windows Media Center. Other media centre software are not as fussy (for example PowerCinema).

Digital TV cards should not be a problem because their drivers are based on BDA architecture for which Windows Media Center was designed to use the newer BDA architecture.
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