Found 23rd Oct 2007
Has anybody had any dealings with these? I can't find their phone number nor can I get in touch with them via email.
I placed an order last week (monday) but haven't heard anything about when it will be delivered.

Has anybody any ideas- I paid on Credit card for this and it has been debited already
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Their email address is sales@tvdeals.tv
Just looking for a phonenumber for you
Weird one, the listing for the address on the website comes up with a different company name- I'll PM you what I've found and see if it's any help

Registrant: Atif Mahmood 5 Beaufort Close WOKING, GU22 8DA UK Domain … Registrant: Atif Mahmood 5 Beaufort Close WOKING, GU22 8DA UK Domain name: TVDEALS.TV Administrative Contact: Mahmood, Atif ][IMG]http://source.domaintools.com/email.pgif?md5=186beb0c00c5599019b5943161da030b[/IMG] 5 Beaufort Close WOKING, GU22 8DA UK +44.7800596724

Thanks Em, I didn't know how to do that- the site contact address is for an entirely different company.
many thanks one and all, thats a real big help.

I won't go as far as saying don't use them just yet but i will post back with my experiences once I have spoken to them

Cheers again
Hi there everyone!

As of today, their website tv-dealz.com is now officially closed. Thank goodness! Though this won't stop this scamming company from starting a new site and scamming, therefore if you've been scammed highly recommend to take these two steps:

You need to take the following steps immediately:

1) Call or pop into your bank tomorrow to cancel your order and inform them of this fraud.

2) Take just a couple minutes to complete this Google Compliant Form. We've informed Google of this scammer, but they need more evidence to remove this website from their Google Adwords space (this is promoting at the top of Google search):


Hope this helps!
I am having major problems with this company and getting no where! In may i ordered a perfect fusion styler I saw it on T.V and it was out of my range price wise,I am disabled and not on a high rate and cannot afford things like hairdressers and found one 30 pounds cheaper on TV.Dealz that promised next day delivery,i thought it would be just what i wanted its a lot of money,but i thought it would be the answer to my problems,I paid and the money and it went out super fast,it did not arrive the next day or week and I send them e mails that were not answered,after weeks waiting I recieved a e mail from them saying they had no more and were shipping them in,and it would take 3 weeks,again no item, I e mailed for a refund 5 times,no answer,then another e mail saying it had arrived in the U.K.I said its been weeks and I do not want it,I want my 60 pounds back,since then no refund,I have left a dozens messages and nothing from them,this is a lot of money,the company seems to have different names and details,I feel I have lost my money and do not know what to do,these people are cheaters,Julie warren
Hi all
Just like maxandtilly I ordered- no product- no refund. Its so frustrating.

Hi all Just like maxandtilly I ordered- no product- no refund. Its so … Hi all Just like maxandtilly I ordered- no product- no refund. Its so frustrating.

You paid with a credit card?
Hi I bought something from here too and never received it or got my money back i have sent messages to them and no answer it's been 2 months now and still no reply they just like pinching other peoples money which is so frustrating they need somebody to do it to them so they now what it feels like just wait karma well get them one day Teresa
I also ordered the hair fusion styler - first time I have ever ordered from the TV and it will be the last. They emailed saying they had no stock and did I want a refund or to be wait listed. I said wait list but since then have had no further contact and can't find a phone number. Any ideas on how to get my money back??
Hi there,
i also brought an item from this company, they claimed that they had run out of stock and if i wanted to remain on there waiting list, this was in April of this year and until now i haven't received my item, ive tryed e-mailing them several times but now i know i've been robbed out rightly seeing all your comments. I shall be seeking advice, they shouldnt be allowed to get away with this......
The site doesn't seem to exist under tvdeals.tv

Anyone got a link?
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