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    Hi Guys
    Wondering if anyone knows if I can buy a TV sender thingy that has 2 receivers. I have Sky+ in my back room, but would like to be able to watch Sky in my bedroom and front room. The only senders I can find have only one receiver.
    Can anyone shed any light on this for me.

    Thanks in advance


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    Oh yeah btw, 'Budget' is the buzz word in our house

    Buy this;…469

    It says you can order an additional receiver too but it doesn't say the price of that, it's going to be less than £50 delivered for the lot (1 sender 2 receivers) either way

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    Great thank a lot

    Either that or a Magic Eye - easy to set up, no worries about interference.

    And cheap!!!!! *********…307

    £5.45 inc postage from ebay.

    We have got one in our bedroom and previously had a sender/receiver - IMO Magic eyes are a lot better.:thumbsup:
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