TV/PVR/Sky advice sought

    Hi. I have just decided Sky is too much of a rip of and got rid.

    We still wanted the functionality of sky plus so bought a Humax PVR. However, we have a sky box upstairs and a tv in the kitchen that runs off the down stairs sky box.

    The humax only has an ariel input so my question is does anyone know if there is a way to bypass the sky box (still in place) and keep all the other equipment running. I need something that i can plug the satellite input/output to keep the loop.

    How someone can understand what i am on about and make a suggestion.



    pm the Guv, he is the main man on this

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that. do i address it to Guv??


    I've replied.... but dont really understand the question!

    What TVs are you trying to connect what to What equipment do you want to be able to view on which TVs?

    Without knowing that, its not easy to make the right suggestion - though you need to connect the boxes (looped through as you said), then back to the TV. If you want to have each box viewable, then you'd need to split the signal. That way, youd get both sky and terrestrial freeview on any TV.
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