TV's that can record to an external or built in hard drive?

Posted 3rd May
Hi, Anyone know if there are any TV's that can record to an external (or internal) hard drive, thereby removing the need for a separate Freeview or Freesat box?
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My Sony Android can record to hard drive but I've never actually tried setting it up or using it.
I think it's using the built in youview app
Any smart TV?
terriclarkfan27 m ago

Any smart TV?

Can they? Our Panasonic is an older 'Smart' TV but cant
My two Samsung’s can do it. Ones over 6 years old.
I've an LG smart TV from 2012 that does it, I can't imagine you'll struggle to find a current set that can.
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Most can even cheap brands but it's generally just freeview
Yes majority of Smart TVs do, I use a 1TB Western Digital Passport External Hard Drive, no issues whatsoever, just plug into the USB, however if you FACTORY RESET your TV be warned you will LOSE all your recordings, this is what I have found, I am using a Android TV, you can keep the hard drive plugged in all the time, but its recommended you unplug it when not needed to save power & longevity, however i have noticed it switches itself off when the TV is on standby anyway, so personal choice, I use a heavy-weight Velcro strip and stuck it on my TV stand as external hard drive cables tend to be very short, those heavy-weght Velcro strips though will keep it stuck on the TV stand or back of the TV...

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Brilliant, cheers folks
While most new TVs can do it, and indeed most Panasonics from 2012 could do it, their level of capability won't match a dedicated recorder.

For recording the odd single program when you're out of the house they'll suffice. If you want something more capable such as being able to record while you're watching the something else then that'll reduce your choice and if you need to record a two or three things at once you'll probably find a recorder box is still required.
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