TV/video senders, are they any good?

    I decorating a room at the moment and dont want to move my virgin box, whats the best way to get a signal to the room next door.


    Hopefully they're better than the one I had a few years ago. The picture would break up if someone walked in front of the sender unit downstairs.

    i tried a 4.8 frequency signal one, the normal ones run on the same frequency as wireless routers, so likely to get interference.
    spent £80 on it and it was terrible, could only get sound, no picture and tha was with no walls in the way. took it straight back.
    in hte end i got a second box from virgin and the guy can round and put a new cable round the outside and through the wall.
    or you could do it yourself if you buy a splitter and run a cable to the other room.

    They are excellent IMO. I have ]this and it is superb. Easy to set up.


    The best option is to run a cable and use a magic eye


    I've used wireless senders in the past but they are useless compared to this.
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