Twenty reasons never to fly Ryanair

Found 25th Mar 2009
From the Times:…tml

Personally, I avoid Ryanair like the plague, and use it only if there's absolutely no alternative. Great (maybe) when things go well, but you try getting any help from them when they don't.
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Never had a problem with Ryanair Ive used them ~ 50 times, mainly Liverpool / Manchester to Gerona.

Last 3 flights... November 2008 £12.00 return. Jan 2009 £2.00 return. Booked May 2009 £6.00 return.
have flew with them 3 times now and had no problems ... in fact last time we flew back from dublin with a lot of turbulane and every one was screaming on the plane, my friend had a panic attack and they were really good in trying to get her off the plane... We had the stairs exiting the plane blocked and they just got another set of stairs to the front to allow everyone else to get off.... We had all 3 stewardess helping us get into the terminal as we virtually had to carry my friend off the plane .

I will fly with them again
I think they are great, you have to know how to get the best from them. Just booked two flights to Alicante for June for £5 each. Total cost £10. How can anyone moan about that.
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