Twilight DVD - Any instore deals?

    Does anyone know if Tesco/Asda/Morrison or any other store are doing a 'loss leader' deal on the new Twilight DVD?



    Asda have the single disc edition for £9 but it's the double-disc version I'm after. Online price for this is £12.68 and over

    I gave in and bought it in Tesco last night at £11.10 for the single disc, Asda was just too far away to save £2. I was hoping somewhere would be doing it for silly money but they never do for the ones I want!!! I was actually a bit disappointed by the film :-(

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    I'm surprised that there aren't cheaper deals on this.


    i got the 2 disc hmv exclusive cover one the other day for £11.99

    Saw it yesterday at Morrisons for £9.77

    Is that the TWO disc edition for £9.77 at Morrisons or just the single disc?
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