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Found 3rd Aug 2006
Hi Guys,

I'm after a twin pack of cordless phones, the type where only one needs to be plugged into the socket and the other can be somewhere else in the house. May consider a triple pack if they are at the right price!!




[SIZE=3]BT Studio 1100 - DECT Cordless Phone - Twin Pack [/SIZE]

Price: £24.73 delivered

Where: Amazon UK


I just bought these last week from amazon as I had £20 worth of vouchers sitting and my other phone died, they are easy to use. needs one phone point and 2 socket points, No loud speaker on them that is the only down fall, have internal call facility so i CALL hubby from computer upstairs to ask him if I can get the latest deals posted instead of shouting down, answers always the same though NO!

I think they are worth the money:thumbsup:

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looks good, does it have caller id?

Caller ID is there but you may need a BT subscription (£1.25 / month or so)

This one comes recommended - i have the twin set from Orchid Electronics. ]http//ww…htm

Does the same as any other DECT Twin set but is a lot smarter handset. If you have BT 1571 it has a flashing RED indicator to show if you have 1571 messages waiting - very neat! It also has the facility to program up the handset to route your calls over the cheapest providers... for me I have setup all 01/02 (Landline) calls to go via 1899 (3p PER CALL) and all my mobile calls to go over 18185 (5p/min). They have excellent customer service and if you tell them what providers you use they will even program the handsets prior to shipping them out. This feature means you dont have to punch in a prefix before dialling out as this is what I used to do.

When I ordered mine i mentioned a certain Martin Lewis and they gave me 20% discount...even better! Oh and they delivered next day too!


thanks letsworktogether for the feedback :thumbsup:

Agree with ]Letsworktogether. Orchid phones might not look flashy but they work. And service provided by Orchid is outstanding - they will build routing table for you for free and will change it any time you like.
I have their V4+ LCR and it works great.

Note to mods - why don't we negotiate discount for HUKD members? You still can use MSE discount (after all you only need to mention it, no code required) though...

Thanks Kommunist - point noted and passed on to Fordy who deals with HUKD discounts

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cheers for the response!

Whats this about dialling a code before the telephone number? I take it that this makes the calls cheaper?

I am with NTL and about to change to BT, does that make any difference.



cheers for the response!Whats this about dialling a code before the … cheers for the response!Whats this about dialling a code before the telephone number? I take it that this makes the calls cheaper?:???: I am with NTL and about to change to BT, does that make any difference.Cheers

Basically, you can have all your UK landline calls for free, just pay connection charge. By dialling prefix (1899, 18185, 1866, etc) your calls will be rerouted to low cost provider. There is no subscription and no additional charge - you just paying for your calls.
These codes work on BT but NTL in their infinite wisdom decided not to allow prefixes. Which is why you need to dial 0808 number instead.

The sequence typically works like this (18185 as an example):
BT: dial 18185, wait, then dial your number.
NTL: dial 0808 1 703 703, wait, then dial your number.

If you are too lazy to type these numbers in every time you have to dial, you can use device called (surprise!) dialer. Orchid will program it for you and if you don't want let'em know your preferences, you can program it yourself - they'll give you free software for it.

So, at the end, by buying their dialer (or DECT LCR phone), you will end up by dialing phone numbers as usual and LCR will take care on how to route it.

For example, if 1899 offer calls to Germany for 1p then all calls to Germany will go through 1899. But 18185 is offering free weekend calls to Germany, so if you dial Berlin on weekend, it'll reroute calls through 18185. Then you want to call Finland and 1866 is the cheapest. No problem then - just define it in LCR and dial your finnish number. And so on.
You can define 8 (or 9? don't remember) providers and 200 dialling rules in LCR V4 and their DECT.

(all call prices I used in example above are just for illustration).

So, in short, you will get many small bills from a couple of companies rather than one huge bill from BT/NTL.

Another wealth of info...

Thanks Kommunist

Actually, I posted it already ]here. As usual it went (almost) unnoticed then

And, BTW, if you look at some prices offered by low-cost providers, they can easily put SkypeOut to shame. - that was sort of anti-VoIP statement.

Some hot deals/info goes unnoticed until being flamed up by the right discussion. :-D
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