Twin Screen In-Car DVD player

    Anyone know the best place to get a twin screen in car DVD player from ?



    Hi Chris

    I start the ball rolling on this. You can get them from here:…htm

    For £84.99 pickup in store. Having said that, they had them even cheaper than this a few weeks ago (around £64.99), so I'll keep looking to see if you can get them at that price...


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    ps - thanks for that - rep left


    A bit more £95. But does DIVX...

    I looked at the Argos one but it didn't give a lot of details about a storage bag etc - does anyone own one of these please?

    Can I suggest an option?

    I recently bought 2 single portable dvd players for £28 each from they were B grade items, but were both fully boxed, totally unmarked and had screen protectors on. Then bought 2 holders and accessories from E Bay for a fiver each

    Had 10 hours of peace and quiet in the back seat as my 2 teenagers could both choose what they wanted to watch and no arguments.

    One of the dvd players is now sat on top of my tv in the bedroom.

    These come up quite often on ebuyer for bargain prices. You should maybe keep an eye out on that site.

    [url][/url]…858 These are £69.99 if you use google checkout

    Although these say £99.99, they were £74.99 in my local Toys 'r' Us when i went at the weekend.


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    Thanks for the extra options guys, but the 1st posted deal has been purchased.


    I've never heard of, I'l check them out. Thanks.
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