Twin Tuner Freeview PVR

    Can anyone suggest a good, cheap freeview PVR with twin tuners? It must be able to record two channels at once and, ideally, play back a recording at the same time.




    Have you tried using the "Search" function?

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    Yes thanks.

    "Yes" you've already tried it and couldn't find anything, or "Yes" you've sinced found it?

    Check out this thread


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    Sorry, I meant "Yes I've searched and not found anything".

    Searching for "twin tuner PVR" I found lots that don't record 2 channels at the same time and lots of expired deals.

    I did find the refurbished digifusion boxes from micro direct but was concerned by the comments about reliability problems.



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    Check out this … Check out this thread]

    That's a good thread - thank you!

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    That's a good thread barneydog - thanks.

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    Thanks guys - I've gone for the Thomson 160GB from JohnLewis. Ordered an acceptance card for £1 to get the free delivery and used a £10 off code so it cost £90.95.

    I also visited the site via Quidco so I think I should get another 8% off. Not sure though - I've not used Quidco before and nothing is showing in my earnings yet.

    people often advocate using a voucher code and quidco when ordering from John Lewis. But when you go to John Lewis on Quidco it saysthey will not give cashback if a voucher is used. Can people who have tried voucher and Quidco for JL say whether the cashback does sometimes track and get paid - is it worth the punt?

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    It's now showing under my tracked transactions, but is not yet validated. Will let you know if/when it gets validated/paid/rejected.

    I've never failed to get Quidco through JL even when using a voucher. Another tip with the Thomson box is, if you have no intention of using the topup tv free trial, don't even open it up - sell it unused on ebay. A poster got £38.50 for his/hers, making the net cost of the Thomson approx £47!

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    Quidco has recorded the transaction value as £5.04 which is 5% rather than the 8% I thought I'd get. Having read the JohnLewis listing in Quidco again I see that this is because "Audio and TV" items get 5% and I had only noticed "Electricals" at 8%.

    I have no interest in TopUp TV so will definitely be putting that on eBay! Thanks bellboys.
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