Two deals from same company - should I post them separately?

Posted 29th Nov
Hi all.

I have two deals from the same company - I have already posted one, but not sure whether to post the other in the original post or as a separate post?

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I'd put them in the same post, but who knows maybe someone else would say something different.
Well, I would post separately so It'll show easier in a search, get more "airtime" and you'll earn individual heat (if it's a good deal!) if that's your thing. If it's inside another deal, it might just disappear into the ether or someone else will post it.

Regards, Phsy.
If its for a different item, post it separately, if its just a variant of the original item, add it to the original posting.
Thanks both... not sure what to do here... I think I will post as a separate deal - it's a busy day and as you say Physcronix, it could get lost otherwise...
Send it to me and I'll post it on your behalf
1st World problems, hey!
Hennah29/11/2019 10:27

1st World problems, hey!

Lol... difficult decisions to make!
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