Two for one?

I ordered something from the internet and it arrived. No problem there. But the following week an identical item arrived, same order number, invoice number etc. I didn't have to sign for it.
What would you do? Keep it or return it?


Keep it. lol

But tell us all what it is. lol

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It's a GPS navigator. Cost £160.

yeh, keep it, its their mistake not yours!

I'd give it me If I were you :o:-D

So long as you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that you have only paid ONCE.
Then I'd hang on to it, say nothing to them & just wait for a while to see if they realise their mistake.
If in a month you've heared nothing & you haven't been billed again - smile :-D

Just make sure you haven't been charged twice for it!!!

Unsolicited items can be kept, but ..... the company may spot their mistake and ask for it back. This happened to me with an LCD monitor. I waited a few months to see what would happen. My wife uses it now:)

Yeah, leave it packaged and in the original wrapping if you can. To be sure that they cannot claim that you intended to to keep it. Wait at least a couple of months...

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I'll make sure I definitely haven't been charged twice before I do anything!

I'd keep it,just not use it incase I got asked about it later on,then if I didn't need the extra,would sell it after a mth or so.


It's a GPS navigator. Cost £160.


Keep it, was it from lovehoney? WOW double pleasure,lol

some sort of GPS navigator sex toy?! :whistling:

Where's the good ideas peeps?

Obviously send one back and get a refund, that way you get a refund for it so then you either end up with a free GPS or you get charged for it IF they realise.

If you keep both then you are risking getting charged for something you didn't want - if you just keep one you only risk getting charged for what you ordered in the first place

So, do I get a prize? :-D


some sort of GPS navigator sex toy?! :whistling:


keep it all day long
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