Posted 24th Jun 2022
Can anyone help clarify for me please?

I am currently with Sky mobile and i'm looking to move the Lebara on the deal recently posted in here.…560

I have two numbers with sky, me and my wife, and I've been in touch with them for my PAC code and they've given me one which they say covers both numbers. I have queried this and they have confirmed it is the case.

I've also been in touch with Lebara (via web chat) and they've told me i need two PAC codes for both numbers.

I'm now concerned. I do not want to lose either of the numbers as i've had them ages and they are easy to remember numbers.

If i order two sims and then give them the same PAC will and how will that work?

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    @TikTok @RoosterNo1 @notalwaysright19 @mutley1 @shef0072 @toyota1

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply.

    I have been back in touch with Sky and after a longish web chat and some insistence from me the agent has now given me two PAC codes. One for each number, so i now await delivery of my two Lebara sims.

    Once again thanks.
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    Each number WILL require its own PAC code....
    I would ask again.....and may do each number a few days apart to avoid confusion!
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    I am quite certain you will need two different PACs.

    My parents were in the same situation as you. (Two numbers with sky, moved to Lebara). They got two separate PACs from Sky.

    I would say contact them again until you get someone who knows the basics of their job.

    Once one PAC has been used, it becomes redundant. And each PAC is unique to a number.

    i'll get in touch again
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    Anonymous User
    Why not just do the text method to get the pac code for each number? It doesn't cost anything, and would stop any issues.

    "Getting a PAC code from your network is easy. As of July 2019, all you have to do – no matter what network you’re requesting the code from – is text ‘PAC’ to 65075, using the number that you want to keep."

    I should have mentioned i've actually already done that and got this message back.

    ''As your Sky Mobile account has more than one SIM, please head to…ber or give us a call free of charge on 03300412524 to request a pac that way''

    and as i've already been in touch with Sky....
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    Do one then do the other.
    will that work?
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    just port the first one and once that has been done, do the second one on the same PAC as advised by sky. if it doesn't work, they will issue you with another PAC straightaway. i had a PAC code given for hubby's phone and it didn't work, so I called sky and they issued another PAC straightaway and it worked fine.

    it just means you have a few days gap between the two numbers being ported.
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    Have you tried going the sky app?
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    I was always under the impression that each phone number will need a unique PAC but found out this wasn't the case about nine years ago. Me and the whole family was on a network called OVIVO Mobile which if you're a regular HUKD'er then should know about. You pay a small one off charge for the SIM and then you would get a free monthly package of minutes, calls and text.

    Anyway, then the news came that they are shutting down the network and ofc they will allow us to request for our PAC to be emailed to us so we can keep our phone number. The whole family received our own individual email with the SAME PAC. I thought this can't be right and spoke back to OVIVO and they said it will still work as when we request a Port In form, we have to supply our mobile number that wants porting into the new network.

    Maybe OVIVO did a bulk PAC because they were closing down? I had absolutely no idea but to this day is still confused about it haha

    TL;DR: we managed to port five mobile numbers out to a new network using the same PAC (edited)
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    I moved both my sim and my wifes sim from sky to labara and mine was ok but i had problems with my wifes she was able to make calls but not receive them or receive text messages. Had to ring tech support at lebara who said it would be sorted in 48 hrs but because of the weekend took 5 days. Something to do with a Split Port issue ?
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