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    This is advice based on recent experience of dealing with All I can say is they have the worsed attitude I have ever come across. Rude, arrogant and disrespectful. I placed an order over a month ago and although full payment has been taken, nothing has been dispatched. There is no aftersales telephone line, EMAIL ONLY! This gives the company the opportunity to avoid contact.

    ALthought there prices seem to be the cheapest I have no idea if I will ever get our order and with the baby now imminent this is another worry. It's unusual for me to post up something like this but I wouldn't want anyone else to make a similar mistake. Another couple we know of are experiencing the same problems with twoleftfeet. BE WARNED.


    can't you get onto your bank?

    It's one thing when something like this happened with a computer game or something else not essential, but when you get companies who act like that over a baby's pushchair it really gets me :x

    Have you been in touch with trading standards or even threatened the company that you will get them involved if they don't resolve?
    good luck x

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    We purchased on a credit card so it is the credit card company that is liable. Problem is we ordered a specific pram, car set etc. which was supposed to have a two week dispatch time. A month later nothing! I'm not too worried about getting money back etc. but I thought this was a good place to post this as lot's of people search before buying. This isn't really about me, it's about trying to help many others from ending up in the same situation.

    Thanks for your reply.

    There is a telephone number for the company on the top right side of the website main page

    is there number for aftersales not 01234857777 and there showroom based in Two Left Feet
    11-14 Sunbeam Road
    Woburn Road Industrial Estate
    MK42 7BY

    terrible reviews…702

    01234 857777.

    Hope you have some luck x

    EDIT: Damn too slow :lol:

    the title makes it look like the problem is with a bugaboo or a quinny!!

    Two Left Feet have been on Watchdog previously and they have been well known from a few people how terrible they are.

    I think they were on Watchdog about 2yrs ago, take a look through the google on threads about them, give them what for because unless you go a long way im guessing they wont produce the goods or the refund without a lot of pressure.

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    The number is for sales ONLY they will not discuss aftersales on the phone. The aftersales is via email and the people is sales will not speak, they are the rude ones. The reason for adding bugaboo, quinny etc is because that is what people search on here, I did. Twoleftfeet undercut all other suppliers but I am not sure if they actually ever deliver. Trading standards will my next port of call. I have written to twoleftfeet and given them seven days to deliver, that ws sent Monday but I still have had no call or email. Totally shocking company. I am going to send a link to this post to them.

    disgusting behaviour from a site which seems so trusted upfront but is well known for offering terrible service-why are they being allowed to run?

    Trading Standards sort it out CLOSE THEM DOWN

    always heard bad things abour twoleftfeet especially when i was on pregnancy and parenting forums!

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    Yes, this was the whole idea for posting. Hotdeals is great, growing and massively popular! I always search here for everything before buying, I just wish someone else had posted as now I've found 100s of cases of people with the same experience, all very recent.....

    i wouldnt order from them either, have heard terrible reviews. i got my sons pushchair from precious little ones as they matched the two left feet prices for me. and they delivered within the week!

    I too have had a problem with this company i ordered a travel system for my soon to be born baby (which stated instock delivery in 3-5 days) never received this and found it extremely hard to get a response from this company, after a long time we did manage to get our money back (EVENTUALLY) but companies like this should not be touched with a barge pole!!!!


    Sorry about the service you have recieved. I am also in the market for a Bugaboo Bee. The best way I have found of buying one of those was to use a 10% off voucher found on this site through quidco (8%) for Mothercare effectively saving approx 17% retail price. I hope this helps anyone reading this and wanting to get a Bee.

    Just to add, I'm another whos having problems with this company!

    Ordered a Quinny Buzz Travel System 7 weeks ago, keep getting emails saying 'awaiting stock, due in next week'

    Next step for me is to pursue a refund and look elsewhere.

    Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

    See the moneysupermarket forums for more bad experiences.

    My wife and I had major problems with them when ordering our Travel system over 2 years ago. Unfortunately there wasn't anything about how bad they were at the time, they made appointments to deliver and never turned up 3 times!! when you speak to them they're completely un-helpfull always promising that "it will be be here next week" luckily we ordered the buggy early as it took us 3months to get it even though the money was taken straight away. And when you try and cancel they say you'll have to wait a month for your money :?
    Utterly disgracefull service at a time when people are stressed enough. I'm amazed they're still going

    Gone into administration now.
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