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Found 15th Nov 2016
In our new property the router will be upstairs but I need a Ethernet connection downstairs in the rear extension so will be using a powerline adapter.

I'm probably going to get the basic £20 TP link ones that I've seen on amazon but I then realised you can get wifi and pass through versions.

I would really like the pass through because I won't lose a plug socket but is it worth paying extra for wifi ones? I'm not sure how the wifi will be in that particular room yet.

I'm also hoping for a deal in the Black Friday sale, would anybody likely to have powerline adapters on sale?

Thanks in advance.

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you can set the wifi ones to clone your existing network so only 1 network appears in your house however it depends how good your device is at switching to a stronger signal.
also most of the wifi plugs have 2 ethernet ports.
basic tp link ones work great and low latency 1-2ms have been using them for years

I used to use the TP Links but they were unreliable.

I use these ones now for about 2 - 3 months and have had no issue and the speeds are very fast


I have some comtrend 200mb passthrough powerline adaptors. I currently have 50mb Virginmedia fibre broadband. The comtrend adapters have been poor, yet in use for about 2 or 3 years, like passing on about 2mbs internet of my 50mb internet. However it's only connected to my TiVo so I can remotely set or delete recordings so does perfectly adequately.

However! These comtrend 200mbs adaptors are now passing on the full 50mb internet service I have just by my rearranging where they are plugged in a couple of days a go.

Just goes to show that with a 50mb or less broadband service, faster powerline adaptors may not always be necessary.
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