Typical price for PSP games on the PSN Store?

Ordered a PSP GO the other day, just wondering what the average price of the games are on the PSN?



Lots. Massively overpriced infact. Sorry probably not what you wanted to hear!!!!

Take it back get a 3ds or even better wait til Oct/Nov for the psp2

You can pick up £20 PSN points cards for around £16 from time to time which can slightly lessen the cost. There's also the 10 free games you'll recieve after downloading the promotional theme from PSN to your PSP Go (might take up to 30 days for them to email you the code though). Not all PSP games released appear on the PSN though, and the ones that do are sold at full RRP for much longer than their UMD counterparts. Tactics Ogre for example can be picked up now for £11.99 at Game with a load of extra stuff. On PSN it would set you back £27.99!

If that's not enough, there is also the widely known (unofficial) capability to run homebrew on it that allows you to play older generation games via emulation. This isn't a PSP Go exclusive thing though, so if you prefer to get the cheaper physical games on UMD, buy a PSP-3000 model (I find it's hassle carrying them with the PSP).
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Too much, is the answer. Probably why the PSP Go wasn't that successful. Just pirate the games -- one day they (and other media companies) will realise you can't change as much for a digital product as a physical release.

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Oh dear oh dear perhaps I shouldnt have bothered then! Was £70 new for the console but still. How difficult is it to hack it?
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