Found 20th Jun 2007
Hey folks, car has just been in for its service (230 quid ) and they've noted that the tread is very close to the limit and have advised me to get all four replaced. They don't sell tyres and the tread doesn't look that deep so I don't think they're trying to take me for a ride.

The car is a Seat Toledo TDI Sport 150, while it's no sports car the engine is very torquey so I'm unsure over what tyres to put on the car - it currently has Continental Premiums which have always seemed fine but are apparently pricey. Whenever I'm asked what tyres I want, I've no idea whether the tyres are any good or not as it's just a list of names and prices.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated, just looking for something reasonable for the car that are a good price.



you should check the side of the tyre and write down all the nubmers it says around the tyre in order,
then try and find the thread that i think Gary started and type the umbers in there, i had a go of it and it brought up tyres around £70 which is pretty good for my car (each)

mine were..... 205/45 ZR 17's 88y

i think if you pay around £50 - 70 a tyre then your buying good enough tyres mate!

Go to this site:…asp

You don't have to buy from them, but the site will tell you what tyres you need for your car, & also offers advice on each make/type available (in addition to what the manufacturers say):thumbsup:

You got that from my post lol

Hi mate - I have the Seat Leon FR 150 (now remapped to 210bhp)

Use the site above, your tyres are probably 225/45/17 - if they are, get the Barum FR's - speed rating is more than you need, and excelent tyre for the money (think they are £69 fitted now).

I got 2 a few months ago on the front, and got another last week on the back.

If you rub your finger down the tread of your tyre, you should feel little "bumps" - these are tyre wear indicators. If the bump is on (or close to) the tread, then you should change them.

Give me a shout if you need anymore help
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