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Found 4th May 2008
Have just been given this website details by National tyres and the prices on there are cheaper by £30 each and they get fitted by National Tyres. Does anyone have a discount code or experience of them? They seem a bargain to me

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Care to share the URL for the site?


Might get a few more responses then!

Have you got a specific tyre in mind, model size, speed, etc ?

What's your quoted fitted price ?
I spoke to our local National Tyres about this - the guy said that the company buy their tyres in bulk, so they can charge less then National Tyres. They then 'book' time with National Tyres, paying National Tyres to do the fitting.

The guy said that they weren't too happy about it, but realise that that's how business works. I use National Tyres, and get a discount (about halve the price difference). I know I'm still paying more than I need to, but it keeps the guys at National Tyres sweet, & I get a damn good level of service from them, as they appreciate the fact that I'm giving my money to them.
Its a 215/65R 16 98H M+S Radial Tubeless 4x4 £76 each including fitting and I want 2
Like I said - I was actually given the name of the website from the bloke at our local National Tyres place. He seemed pretty ok with it all and said that they can actually do them tomorrow although the first available appointment according to the website is wednesday because they actually stock these particular tyres. I did ring the number on the website but the right guys arent in today and I need to ring at 8.30 in the morning to make sure it can be done tomorrow.
shame there is no quidco tho
cripes had 4 new avon 225/50VR16 V rated tyres fitted last week at a cost of £352,according to this site I would of saved myself £52
ahhh well my other car is crying out for new tyres too so know where to get em from next time....thanks
I have used this place, all went well. Just take your printed email with you when you go.
Got a price off Tyre Shopper site for 2 tyres @ £61 per tyre,rang round a few companies and got a best price of £56 each.Rang National Tyres,where these tyres are fitted and got a price of £70 each.I told him it was way to much and he asked what price i had got elsewhere.I told him £54.Within seconds he gave me a price for the 2 tyres fitted @ £104.
I then rang Kwik Fit,who then beat that price.
Just play them off against each other.:thumbsup:
The guy at Kwik Fit told me that,if you ask them to beat a price,they just put the price,wherever you got the cheaper price and whatever tyre you require into their system and it either comes back yes or no to beat the price.So if you want to chance your arm,just give them a figure that you fancy.:)
A lot of these sites tend to be luck of the draw, for example I have just ordered Goodyear Wrangler HP tyres in a 225/70 R16 size from here:-


4 x tyres cost me £176.52 delivered + £36 fitting at my local garage = £212.52 fitted

with this company I would have paid £404 fitted


My advice is shoip around:thumbsup: Not saying this company are expensive, just all depends on the offers available at time of order.:)
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