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    can anyone tell me if i use tyre weld on a run flat tyre that it wont ruin the alloy wheel ?
    as i,ve been told u cant repair a tyre once this has been used .....

    appreciate some feedback ...



    Why would you use tyre weld on a run flat?

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    because its losing pressure and the tyres are well expensive

    just wondered if the tyre weld ruined the alloy , because it sticks every where .....

    unless you cant use on a run flat ..... ??

    It won't ruin anything, it's just a pain to get the stuff out and then repair the tyre.

    I have never used tyre weld but I though it was one of those things that you use in an emergency to allow you to drive to a garage.
    I never imagined that it would be used to keep a car running day to day.

    Tyres: along with brakes, the most important things not to save money on.


    Nothing wrong with saving money on tyres, had a punture in a new … Nothing wrong with saving money on tyres, had a punture in a new motorbike tyre once, put a screw in the hole and it was fine until i changed the tyre when bald oO

    'Saving money on tyres' or brakes for that matter can have a direct impact on the safety of both the driver and any other road users - drivers or pedestrians. Obviously you can sometimes opt for a cheaper alternative but there is a fine balance between safe and unsafe.
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    ok ...cheers for the replies
    wasn,t sure if you could use all the time as it says on the tin for permannent use ?




    ok ...cheers for the replieswasn,t sure if you could use all the time as … ok ...cheers for the replieswasn,t sure if you could use all the time as it says on the tin for permannent use ?cheersbazza

    I will answer your question without going into other details . . .

    Putting tyre weld in your run flat will not damage the alloy wheel, it will also not damage the tyre either, however I would say 99% of tyre repair/suppliers will NOT repair the tyre after you have put tyre weld in it because removing it is difficult. This is not to say the tyre can not be repaired, because I know they can after tyre weld has been used, the reason these companies will not repair it is most likely a mixture of them not wanting to and a small risk on the tyre breaking and it falling back on them.

    I personally had to replace 2 run flats in a couple of weeks and at £100 per tyre, I got annoyed with it and put tyre weld in the tyre, and left it, it sealed the puncture and there were no further issues, this you should do at your own risk though, because in the event of an accident if the insurance/police found out about it they may hold you responsible.

    Another thing that not many people know about these tyres is that when you drive on them flat, they actually wear. When you remove them from the wheel you will have handfulls of rubber which has shredded from the tyre, this is another reason why you can not repair them!!! So I would take it in to a repair place as soon as possible, say you have literally driven from you home to them and that you would like a repair! - They may do it then.

    Am I wrong in assuming these oko tyre sealants and others don't do a permanent job of eliminating puncture problems?…000

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    ok maybe i will give the oko a go harm in keeping some in the car ...
    took car to kwik fit and the **** there wouldnt do a thing about it ..
    so took it to my local ford garage and they repaired the tyre for a tenner !!!!!!
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