Hi, can't remember where I have seen it but recently saw somewhere advertising cheap car tyres. Anyone have any knowledge on this? Thanks.


    Try ringing around local garages!!

    (This is where your free mobile minutes come in handy. :P )

    Would it have been

    They're very easy to use and you can get a discount from their website. They sell you the tyres and arrange fitting locally for you, at a time to suit you.

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    Thanks, that's the ones!

    I am using Just Tyres ([url][/url]) - excellent service and good prices.

    mytyres are another online option.
    People travel miles to get here though micheldever if your in the south its worth the trip I hear, just be prepared to Q. esp weekends.

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    When it comes to something like tyres, i find it's always better to go for quality rather than price. You may save yourself £100 in the wallet but it's no good to you if you're dead and can't spend it.

    There is nothing wrong to buy quality tyres at discounted prices I saved 50 quid on set of my Dunlops (not the best tyres in the world but still better than some others).

    I agree, nothing wrong with saving money on quality tyres but it's when people get seduced by the price of remoulds or inferior N grade tyres.

    Kwik-fit has special online tyre prices. Ring your local Kwik-fit centre and get a quote then see what the price is online. To then benefit from these lower prices print off your tyre quotation and take it with you when you visit your local Kwik-Fit centre.…asp


    How are this summers evening???

    Why dont you try Costco if you have branch near you.


    Because they have good prices fitted balance, valve etc

    have a go !!!!!!

    dont burn rubber!!!!!!


    Try Renault for your tyres, I was having a conversation last night with my cousin who works for them and they are very cheap...much cheaper than Kwik fit.

    I think they fit each tyre for about £8 if you bought them elsewhere.

    Here's another etyres fully fitted prices, so a bit more transparent.

    I used blackcircles to find my nearest supplier. Needed the tyre that day so didn't have time to wait for blackcircles to arrange so used google to find out what the actual garage was (from the postcode)

    Rung them direct and although their price for the tyre i wanted was higher than blackcircles they had a special on the next model down (which it turned out i actually needed anyway - directional tyres on the back where i had the flat) and got the tyre for £15 less than blackcircles!

    Disagree with quality issue - all tyres have to pass a british standard, so no point forking out a fortune for the name.

    All cars have to pass british standard, so no point forking out a fortune on BMW. Buy Perodua instead!

    Hi goodersuk, if you can tell me what car you drive and the size of tyre you are looking for (including the Load Index i.e 91 and Speed rating i.e H) for example 195/65R15 91H. I can tell you what class of tyre and how much is a fair price to pay.

    There is no point in buying Michelin (the best but most expensive tyre manufacturer in the market) for an old supermini that doesn't do alot of mileage, when budget tyres will be more than compentent. However, it will be a false economy buying budget tyres for a luxury/ executive car that travels in excess of 20k miles per year. In this instance you would be better off buying Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop or Michelin etc.

    If you need more info, feel free to pm me. I work in the tyre trade.

    P.S. Whatever you do, don't go to Kwik Fit and get ripped off whatever you do

    *Edit, One other thing, Online Tyre dealers i.e blackcircles, can be more expensive than your local independent tyre retailer.

    Some well-informed information coming from HOT ICE there.

    Welcome to HotUKDeals (again!) and congratulations on your first post

    Thanks Emma. I only found this website a few days ago and I'm loving every pixel of it.

    Hopefully will save alot of money :thumbsup:


    Thanks Emma. I only found this website a few days ago and I'm loving … Thanks Emma. I only found this website a few days ago and I'm loving every pixel of it.Hopefully will save alot of money :thumbsup:

    It will definitely save you money, but there is the slight risk that you will also spend more than you intended in the first place...!
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