Tyres for ladies bike - help !

Hi all

Looking to replace the tyres on a ladies bike (a Specialized Expedition) & a bit bewildered by the choice. (the old tyres are cracked & past their best).

The bike will be used about 80% on tracks & 20% tarmac (gentle riding).

The tyre size on the bike at the moment is 26 x 1.95.


- Do I have to replace the tyre with exactly the same width as the old one? (i.e. 1.95).

- What "kind" of tyre should I be looking at?

- Any recommendations for a good value tyre.

Thanks for any help!


go to chainreactioncycles.com and have a look at the semi slicks on offer. They are suited to on and off road biking. U can go narrower with the width just dont go crazy with it. a 1.75 sounds good

Have a look through those and read the descriptions to see whats best suited to the riding u`ll be doing.


Original Poster

Cheers for that.

In practical terms what difference will going from a 1.95 to a 1.75 make?

i dont know much about that but im pretty sure they will roll faster and be easier to ride being lighter

Original Poster

Thanks again.

Ended up going for these chainreactioncycles.com/Mod…544

Cheap as chips with good reviews & should do wifie fine.
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