U2 360 Tour Tickets

    Just a heads up really tickets for the U2 Wembley concert on 14th August go on sale to general public at this friday no doubt site will be mega busy so hope everyone that wants some gets them
    Like most fans I will be waiting on my computer and phone with itchy fingers good luck to all who try
    p.s any presale codes out there ?


    i'll be trying to get them, been to the last 5 tours and wouldn't miss them for anything.

    They will add a couple more dates for wembley as the two dates following are free

    You won't get a presale code as these are for subscribers only and can only be used once

    Original Poster

    hope to see you there then, only seen last 2 tours but some of the best concerts I have ever been to

    Got my tickets this morning :thumbsup:

    Be prepared to spend alot of money!

    Original Poster

    how much did you have to pay

    We got £85 seats with £8.50 fee and P+P

    Most of the decent seats are £150 and the cheapest £30 at Wembley

    Standing tickets are £55 with £6 booking fee
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