U2 - Standing, Or Seating ?

    Hi all, im going to Australia in december, and U2 are in Perth when I am there, I am wanting tickets, but don't know whether to get standing, or seated tickets, as the family we are staying with have a 13 year old? Also, what time would the support act come on (Jay-Z!!) if the "start time" is 5pm ? Also, what time roughly should I arrive at the venue, if the start time is 5pm ?


    i would get standing not sure bout the rest lol

    standing would be better-I suspect 5pm is the door opening time so would expect support act at maybe 7-7.30 ish but australia may do these things differently than the UK.

    obviously if you do get seats,then you dont need to get there mega early,standing get there early If you want close to the stage(or as close as you can get)-on this tour there are golden circle tickets so with an ordinary standing ticket you cant get right down to the stage-these places are reserved for people who bought tickets in a charity auction.

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    thanks for the info! the only thing is, we are at the cricket (ashes) the same day, and that finishes at 5.30pm? what time would you say to leave?

    No idea, but can ask my mum later (she lives there), or if you type in google australia, you can use google
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