Posted 25th Dec 2018
I have placed multiple orders using Uber Eats for McDonald's. A lot of the time the food hasn't been great but not too bad. The last 3 times have been consistently bad. The last time I checked the food temperature with a food thermometer immediately after delivery and the cheese burgers were 50.9c, the chicken wrap was 51.2c and the fries were 43.6c. I sent the photos off to Uber Eats as they refused to refund me previously, and they're still refusing a refund blaming it on McDonald's.
I had already rang McDonald's and they said it was Uber Eats delivery drivers fault as they get the food ready when the driver states they're 5 minutes away and then they take a lot longer. On this occasion, the driver took nearly 12 minutes delivering the food- for a 5 minute car journey (I'm agoraphobic before you ask why I don't get it.) The rating for this driver was 72% and I had had him previously and he was equally as bad then. He's noted down as having a bicycle but has a car. Each time has been reported to Uber Eats and is still working for them.
Is there anything I can do to receive a refund for the food that was inedible? The order before this, McDonald's had made the burger 30 minutes before it left the restaurant, as mine are made to order it showed the time on there.
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