Posted 18th Jan 2021
I ordered from our local chippy on Uber Eats (£5.61 order) and received a £20.25 order. I'm not complaining about receiving more, but I called the chippy to tell them as the order isn't ours. They said to contact the driver. I contacted the driver, who said to contact Uber Eats as he "can't be bothered to come back". His exact words. Uber Eats swiftly got back to me saying to keep the order, as company policy is to not take food back once delivered, even if incorrect. I also got a full refund.

As we were told to keep the order we opened it and could only have the chips and drinks (allergic to everything else but they were in separate packaging)

10 minutes later the driver returned (he already said he couldn't be bothered to come back) demanding the order which has already been partially eaten, following confirmation from Uber Eats, and what we can't eat has been thrown away. I explained this and that Uber Eats told us to keep it, he was having none of it, and got very close (obviously didn't try to enter the house). The driver was very aggressive using foul language and demanding the order even after explaining it's gone in the trash, he did not even have our correct order to exchange

Is it worth sending a complaint about the driver or should I just leave it there?
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