Uber prices tonight.

Found 26th Dec 2017
Has anyone used uber on Boxing night? Do they charge the ‘surge’ charge all night, does anyone know?
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I would imagine there will be people cashing in on the fact it’s Boxing day
I used them on Christmas night 1am they was still cheap
Surge pricing still makes it cheaper for me than the local taxis, they are ripoff merchants!

i would think depending on the time you may be okay if it’s not pub closing time
A journey that normally costs £7.50 cost me about £15 on Christmas Day.
Local taxi company that has an Uber-like app and does fixed fares, though.

I paid more than usual this morning as well but it was around £11 so not quite double the fare price as on Christmas Day.

I would imagine Uber does something similar.
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devshib2 h, 48 m ago

I used them on Christmas night 1am they was still cheap

i used them om Xmas day about 9pm too, only a pound more than last year, 2 pound more than last Saturday normal day, uber is great when no surge
looking right now, it's about 2.5 times more but it's half seven so everyone probably using it as it says it busy, so if i need it, i just wait for it to go down
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