Found 27th Feb 2007
to the user who posted free ubuntu discs

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Its the first linux that I've used thats truly been good enough to get me from windows and feel safe.

No more paying for my os again.
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Yeah thats it, come on people, all aboard!
yeah thats the one emma, its fantastic, really an improvement.

the only trouble I've had is with viewing microsoft word docs with tables.

but since i already had a copy of microsoft word I found crossover office, now I have fully working copy of office 2003 running on ubuntu
I've just spent most of the day trying to install Mythtv on ubuntu and tbh it's total garbagehttp://www.clanforen.de/clanforen/images/smilies/smilies031205/hatecomputer.gif
The disk is now where it belongs, in the bloody bin!http://forum.forumer.com/images/smilies/yes2.gif
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