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    does anybody have any recomendations for antivirus on a netbook running ubuntu???

    i have a legit norton 360 but it just doesn't work


    you really dont need it

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    i heard that, but then again a lot of sites recommend it?

    ones trying to sell it ? i really wouldnt worry about antivirus on linux, there are a few virus's around but very very few…ded

    Is there an anti-virus for linux?

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    the free avg stuff works on linux and avlast too. but need some netbook kit really


    oh... I got AVG Free on my netbook but it has XP on it


    Why do I need anti-virus software? Isn't Linux virus-free?# to scan a … Why do I need anti-virus software? Isn't Linux virus-free?# to scan a Windows drive in your PC# to scan a Windows-based network attached server or hard drive# to scan Windows machines over a network# to scan files you are going to send to other people# to scan e-mail you are going to forward to other people#some Windows viruses can run with Wine.# Linux virus infections are theoretically possible

    lol all for windows then really ??:-D…tml
    is all you realy need for linux
    and remember to keep your updates done

    Linux does not need an antivirus because viruses simply cannot work on it, let's just leave it at that.

    Personally I wouldn't bother - antivirus software will make any netbook a lot slower regardless of OS and as you've seen above there isn't really much need, there aren't many viruses or malware for Linux operating systems. One of the (many) perks of using Linux is that you don't really need antivirus, anti-malware etc. so less system resources are used - very significant when you've got a very slow, single core in-order CPU and a small, slow HDD...

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    thanks everyone. think i might risk it then, all it'll be for is web browsing so nothing to big

    well if you want to play it safe you could install an av package. then keep the resident agent switched off most of the time (so save resources) and only switch it on if you're doing something particularly dodgy, likely with windows software in wine. and just use the file scanning portion of the software to check files etc before you give them to a friend.

    Yep, as pretty much all the above people said... but if you REALLY must have it you could use avast…tml

    used it for a while when I was new to ubuntu, but you don't NEED it
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