Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference FREE pdf download

    Normally costing $10 for the print edition this is now available as a free PDF download.

    For those that don't know Ubuntu is a very popular Linux distribution that you can download and install on your PC for free instead of (or as well as) using Microsoft Windows

    About the book

    At just 5.25 x 8 inches and 164 pages, Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is a compact yet comprehensive guide to everyday Ubuntu use.

    It's ideal for those who need vital information on all aspects of using Ubuntu, but who dont have time to wade through thick documentation.

    Each chapter of Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference tackles an aspect of Ubuntu.

    First, you learn about installationgetting Ubuntu onto your computerafter which you learn how to configure your computer's hardware.

    Following this, youre introduced to the Ubuntu desktop, and the tricks and techniques of efficient day-to-day usage. The book then describes the highways of the Ubuntu filesystem, and gives a full run-down of Ubuntus file manager.

    Next, the command-line is tackled in-depth, after which software management is explained. Finally, system security is describedconfiguring the firewall, installing antivirus, and encrypting sensitive data. Appendixes provide a glossary of terms, and a guide to understanding technical documentation.

    Written for anybody switching to Ubuntu, particularly former Windows users, Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference assumes zero Linux knowledge. It provides the wisdom of the expert user and concisely conveys core competencies.
    Table of contents

    1. Installing Ubuntu
    2. Configuring Ubuntu
    3. Getting to grips with the desktop
    4. Users and the filesystem
    5. Hands-on at the command-line
    6. Software management
    7. Securing the system

    APPENDIX A: Glossary of terms
    APPENDIX B: Learning more and getting help…tml


    Is there a "Yellow Dog linux" PDF specifally for the PS3??

    Thanks H&R added!


    Original Poster

    can we transfer this to freebies?


    As it's a download it belongs in the misc forum or the download thread-

    ]Clickable link to deal
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