Ubuntu - will it suit my needs?

    Basically i know what it does. I need to know if it will make things better.
    I have a spare 2002 laptop running windows and its so slow its unbearable. its got 512mb of ram in it and nothing much else and i want to turn it into a sort of netbook only rather then a full laptop. It cant be upgraded anymore.

    would ubunto work and make this happen as there seems to be so much news about it recently! also, can i stil use wifi etc with it.



    Ubunto is fine, Every wireless adapter I've tried on it has been fine and drivers automatically installed, It's a good alternative and of coarse free, Suffers very little from virus's etc..

    I found it to be just about as fast as xp, Try it if you don't like it revert it back to xp.

    If it's generally just for browsing net you'll be fine.

    It will be fine...

    I run it off a 4gb USB stick and it runs perfect for web surfing..


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    thanks to both - settled my mind! cheers

    I have used it instead of XP Pro on an old laptop for the kids and they have no complaints at all. Wireless just works perfectly. Should be fine for browsing. You can run it off an USB as well as a sort of try before you buy (it is free of course!).

    You can give it a try without making any changes to your laptop by running it from the CD. Then if you find it suites your needs you can install it on to your hard drive.

    Click here for the download page and read section 3.

    Instead of Ubuntu, use Xubuntu

    It's the same as Ubuntu except it uses a more lightweight desktop environment. Runs great on my netbook - bit faster than standard Ubuntu

    You can also check out Kubuntu. That's also more lightweight.. just down to personal preference really

    Yes, it will be good. 512MB is a bit light for the latest versions but it will still install and run fine, and is much more up to date and modern feeling than XP...

    If you have more than about 15GB free on the hard disc you could always dual-boot, keep a (or the) Windows partition in case you ever feel the need for it, but there is very little you can't do on Ubuntu...
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    Give a go

    Ubuntu can be a very big pain in the bum for the wireless drivers, and there are lots of things about the wireless online if you take a look, i am using ubuntu atm and its nice when it works, jolicloud is nice too and the wireless jsut works better (out of the box) and it has some very nice little programmes preinstalled (My system is Windows7, Ubuntu & Jolicloud multiboot atm)

    give opensuse 11.3 a try - or opensuse 11.4 beta.

    its very pretty and will turn your pc from slow to reasonably quick. 11.4 beta has a new kernel that should have speeded the whole thing up a bit more.
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