UE32J5000 Vs UE32J5100

Found 2nd Aug 2015
UE32J5000 vs UE32J5100

I have ordered the Samsung UE32J5000, from Crampton and Moore, £199.99 delivered. However, I was on Amazon looking at other things and found UE32J5100 for £209.00. I have tried to find details about them both but there isn't much info. All I can see is that the UE32J5000 may have slightly better Motion Interpolation Frequency

The other differences seem to be:

UE32J5000 has DVB-T + DVB-C

UE32J5100 has DVB-C, DVB-S2, DVB-T2

Should I cancel my order and go with the UE32J5100, or stick with UE32J5000?
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S is satellite, T is terrestrial and C is cable, the 2 means HD. So the higher model number would definately be the one to go for, worth much more than £9 to have that.
To be honest I don't think the UE32H5000 is really for the UK market.
Thanks for the reply, for a bit more context, it wouldn't be used with satellite, mainly with freeview through a Humax. My first thought was that the higher number would be better, UE32J5100, but I am sure I saw that the UE32J5000 was a newer model? also it said had better Motion Interpolation Frequency.

If its not really for the UK market will it be a gray import?
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