UEFA and it's fines



What do they do with pitch invaders?
The club receives a fine and the pitch invader receives a ban.
The key is in the UEFA Composition of the UEFA disciplinary bodies and UEFA ethics and disciplinary inspectors Mandate 2019–23

and the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations Edition 2019 (Article 14) which states the process for racism and other discriminatory conduct.

The action seems fine to me in so far as compliance to the published regulations; the next step is to do something about it, if you think the Regulations needed more toughness.

However, aside from the agreed Regulations, what about the agreed three-step protocol? "the matter" on the day was, according to John Barnes, he was on LBC this morning too, "We got to that first step, and then [the game] was stopped a second time. But then, in the second half, it was decided 'we are not going to walk off now'. If the racism stopped at the second stoppage, then fine, but it didn't. The racism continued in the second half. Why didn't they walk off?"

Disraeli30/10/2019 13:12

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The problem with banning clubs for racism is that the perpetrators couldn't care less. I'm sure some would just consider it a badge of honour.

I think the England players should have left the pitch as they said they would do prior to kick off
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They should have been booted out the competition.
I think the concept of feeling embarrassed must have passed UEFA by.
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