UFC 116

    anyone staying up to watch UFC 116 tonight, I cant wait for the heavyweight title match as I want Brock to lose as Carwin looks like such a sound guy, he is so chilled out....

    also looks like quite a good card, probably the most iv looked forward to a UFC card for a long while


    I really hope Carwin wins. Can't stand Lesnar. i wish he'd take his pantomime villan act back to the WWE.


    What time is the fight due to start aprox?

    Not the show the actual fight .


    and channel?

    It's on ESPN.

    Original Poster

    Brock V carwin will start approx 5.15am but obviously depends on the fights before it as if tey go the distance then it could be a bit late but if they finish quick then they could be on as early as 4.30...

    its on ESPN or websites on the internet which shall not be named

    Carwin TKO
    Akiyama Decision
    Lytle KO
    Soszynski Decision
    Pellegrino TKO

    I change my last vote, I never realised who he was up against.

    Anyone got a decent stream please?


    Anyone got a decent stream please?…94&


    Carwin should have had it finished in the 1st, dammit.

    Original Poster

    /I think as a whole the card was awesome and well worth staying up for.

    is it just me or was anyone else disspointed in sexyama?

    also the ref should have stopped the main event in the first round as Brock was taking a beating and was not defending himself, he just lay there waiting for time to run out ( he showed he has got a chin though which was good). Carwin was knackered as soon as it got into the second round which was a shame.

    all round good enterntainment.

    give it 9/10

    Fight should of been stopped.
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