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Hi there - if there are any UFC fight club members on ere who are going to UFC in London I'd appreciate if you could share your pre-sale code with me, I'm part of the #ukmma community on twitter and Nottingham was fantastic so gonna treat myself to London this time.
Many thanks in advance
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have you seen the annoucement today that bantamweight title will be on the line at the event. That has convinced me to make the trip to london.

Have you ever been to wembley arena just wanted to know if you had any seating suggestions?
hi i got my tickets earlier this morning and am well happy about the title fight. i have been to the arena twice before but to watch concerts. i just went for the cheapest tickets i could get for this event as they have the massive screens up and youre looking down into the octagon anyway so everywhere should be a pretty good view. obv if you can afford the floor seats youre a lot closer and can feel the adrenaline (i was about 5 rows back at ufc in nottingham ) but for £55 you get a good 6 hours worth of fights. hope you manage to get your ticket - if you are on twitter check out the mmaukchat community, we all arrange a meet up for a few beers before the event and its great talking to like minded MMA enthusiasts!

also - the presale code to get a ticket today (a day earlier than public sale) is ULTIMATE.

Hope that helps mate

Thanks that is really helpful will see if I can pick up some tickets now.

Only live mma i have seen is bamma which was entertaining so I can only imagine how much better a ufc event will be.

Thanks will keep track of that have only few mates who follow it so be nice to have some high level conversation about the sport.
No probs mate - you will love it, and if Michael McDonald wins the title you'll witness history (youngest champ ever)
he is a bit of a phenom, and quite frankly I dont think barao has been as awesome as everyone is making out. at least if mcdonald loses he is super young and can fight again for the title so he will come in with the attitude of nothing to lose.

other fights have pretty exciting guys in them also, etim and sass are bery entertaining.
yeah i dont rate barao either. its not the best title fight but im not a big fan of the 'smaller' divisions lol. sass was unlucky in nottingham, wiman just too quick for him. etim got KTFO against barboza so he will be looking to get back on it. i cant wait mate, just think they need a decent co-main or one or two more known names to fill the card out. i havent seen last nights TUF smashes (dont know if you watch TUF?) but im hoping a few of those lads will be on this card, some good characters. did you get tickets? i bought 2 in case my mate comes but wont know for a while. if he doesnt come and you struggle with a ticket i may be able to sell it to you if you only need the one, obv cant promise anything but id only want my money back (think it was £50 for ticket + £5 booking fee plus half for delivery £1.40 = say £56). will see what happens mate
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