Found 15th Nov 2008
anyone know a website i can watch the ufc live on? id pay setanta but there a bit crap

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What is cra,p about Setanta?

Jacks mad?

I'm not a big setanta fan, but surely it beats watching some shoddy streaming feed on the net

itl b on on somewhere, i have setanta tho woop, cmon couture!!!

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na when i tried to cancel setanta before they made it really hard then there was some **** about having to give them 90days notice to cancel, i cancelled the direct debit and told them where to go , now they say i ow them 3 months worth of money and again i tell them to go **** themselves

So who's your money on Brock, Brock?


So who's your money on Brock, Brock?

get out of this thread.....

just kidding dont ban me

I want couture to win but I want it to be a close fight that last more than one round, i am looking forward to Kenny Florian v Joe Stevenson as I think kenny is so underrated its unbelieveable

what time is the fight?

I think randys going to take this one, brock doesnt have the experience although hes much stronger and has good wrestling i dont think that will be enough, if he gets randy on his back hes got a good chance but randy has fought the best and you can never count him out.

Setanta Sports 1
Live From 03:00
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