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Found 13th Dec 2009
Hi all,

I'm after purchacing some Ugg Scuff Romeo II (Mens Ugg slippers)

I've heard many a horror story about websites that sell fakes. Could anyone give me a couple of reliable websites that sell genuine Ugg products (and might have these slippers in stock.)

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Many thanks

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dont know about the website but office in birmingham had these in stock
not sure if they sell what ya after, but uggsaustraliauk.com/ are genuine and pretty good prices.
Wherever you look, check the website on the official Ugg website and it'll tell you if it's an authorised seller.

It's worth knowing the only website that is genuine that has Ugg in the name is uggaustralia.com, anything else with ugg in the website address is fake.
shudoo.co.uk are a legitimate UGG trader, and there is currently a 20% voucher code on here i think!

its where i got my girlfriends UGGs last year, and they were amazing!
again be careful- lots of fake stuff out there- even coming from Oz.
Bought some uggs from
[url]www.shudoo.co.uk-[/url] don't know if they ahve stock- 20% off at present.
old adage- if they look cheap they more tham likely are !!
Ugg shop in manchester has them but only good if you live close.
good luck.
sorry forgot to add - girl i work with ordered some from Oz- they didn't turn up for Xmas but after new year she recieved a letter frm UK customs and accussed her of importing fakes- got her money back from credit card company - eventually.
just noticed u r PNE- manchester easy for you then- opposite harvey nicholls on Deansgate.

not sure if they sell what ya after, but http://www.uggsaustraliauk.com/ … not sure if they sell what ya after, but http://www.uggsaustraliauk.com/ are genuine and pretty good prices.

No they aint :w00t:


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Genuine retailers listhttp://www.winter-boot.co.uk/genuine-ugg-retailers/

jubbiouf- sounds like you got fakes- if they are cheap then they probably were.
There are more fakes out there than real things,the genuine article is ugg australia they are made in china but shipped from australia.Made in australia or new zealand are also not "genuine" uggs .The real thing are made by Deckers,if they are "cheap" 99% of these will be fakes.If you search " e-bay how to spot fake ugg boots" there is a list longer than your arm.I know this as my daughter bought from uk ugg boots,I got the transaction cancelled and the credit card company were trying to shut down the website.Too cheap,there is a catch !!!
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