Ugg boots

where is the best/cheapest place to buy these?


I have ordered my daughters from BOOTBARN,do a google for them.They worked out at about £80 including delivery.There is an entire thread over at Moneysavingexpert.com.

If you are going to buy some Ugg boots online, I advice you to read this first...

1. The generic term "UGG Boot" is not protected and therefore anybody can claim their boots to be UGG boots. However, Deckers Outdoor Corporation (Deckers inc) have registered "UGG Australia". These boots ARE protected and not surprisingly it is these "UGG Australia" boots that are being faked by the thousands on eBay. In fact at the moment its safe to say that the vast majority of Decker UGGS for sale on eBay are fakes!

2. In the UK, the shops are nearly always low or out of stock of these boots especially the Classic Tall or Classic Short styles and the fakers are having a field day. Some of the fake Deckers "UGG Australia" boots are exceedingly good and even when placed next to genuine ones will take some spotting! This guide will hopefully help you to spot them as many people are being duped.

3. Historically, many of the fakes were sold by sellers (with either low or zero feedback) in The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Australia, Poland, Russia, China, (including Hong Kong) and the Czech Republic. Recently though, the majority of the fake dealers are from the UK, USA and Australia. The deliberate fake dealers are usually easy to spot as they have zero or low feedback, use generic pictures and have tens and sometimes hundreds of boots for sale.

4. A recent scam is where the fake dealers boost their feedback to above 10 (as this is the level needed before they can sell using 'Buy It Now'). Check that any positive feedback has been from sales and NOT from the purchase of low price e-books etc - this is a sure sign of a fake dealer! Also check that if their feedback is 100% it is from recent sales (not years ago) and also relates to UGG boots.

5. As mentioned a lot of the UK fakes are deliberate scams (the sellers know damned well they are fakes) BUT increasingly there are innocent sellers who genuinely believe they are selling the authentic Deckers "UGG Australia" boots. They think that just because their boots have an "UGG Australia" label and care card they are the genuine article and will swear blind that their boots are 'authentic' but guess what - in their desire to make a fast buck they are buying the fake boots in at £10-£20 (as that is all they are worth) and then selling them on for anywhere between £80 up to £100 plus.

6. Within the UK at the moment there are two main types of fake Decker "UGG Australia" Classic boots. One common fake comes with a blue label pinned on and with a dust bag that says "SNOW BOOTS". The other (which is a VERY good fake) has light brown pinned-on tags that say "Made by CGM Co Ltd". The latter have the correct sole pattern and also the label that says "Made in China". Most purchasers are entirely fooled by this. See further descriptions below.

7. As to the wholesale fraudsters, the thing that often gives the game away is where the seller is listing literally hundreds of boots. No authorised and/or genuine seller has this number of boots available as the real thing is in short supply! They will often use 'generic' pictures (quite often nicked from the UGG Australia web site). My advice is to only buy where its obvious that the picture of the boots you are buying is unique and not from a catalogue somewhere.

8. Another recent scam is where somebody has had their eBay account hijacked and the fraudsters actually have NO boots - they just take your money and disappear. The tell tale signs are that the seller has not sold UGG boots before but now mysteriously has hundreds for sale - all with some kind of generic photograph. One way of checking this out is to 'Ask The Seller A Question" via their eBay account - not by direct email. This will often alert the person whose account has been hijacked that all is not well. These fraudsters also use 3 day listings so that they can clean up and go before being detected. Genuine 'bulk' dealers are quite OK with 7 and 10 day listings

9. There are also some fakes that are being sold quite innocently in the UK because they were bought from the organised fakers via eBay and they are found to be too small. The fact is the fake UGGS are indeed too small and this is why they are then resold. A fake size 5 (US size 7) is about 1 cm smaller in foot size than it should be. Real UGGS come up big, fake UGGS come up small.

10. As mentioned, there are many UK based dealers selling fake Decker UGGS and they are entirely unaware that they are fake! They seem to think that because the boots have a label on them saying 'authentic' then this is what they are. Genuine Decker UGGS NEVER NEVER have labels pinned on to them (either blue, brown or indeed with sample 'fur' attached)

11. The smell of a fake UGG is often a give away - it smells of paint/lacquer which comes from the dye used on the synthetic materials. The fake will often have a blue or brown leather label pinned to it and also a brown or beige cloth protection bag which says "SNOW BOOTS" - these are not provided with the genuine UGGS!! Deckers NEVER describe their UGGS as 'Snow Boots"!!

12. A genuine Deckers UGG boot has real sheepskin fur on the interior. Its fluffy looking and also thicker and a rich cream colour. The fake uses synthetic 'fur', is slightly grey, thinner and also small pieces of the 'fur' come away when rubbed.

13. Believe it or not, the vast majority of genuine Deckers UGGS are made in China with a few limited styles or old stock from New Zealand. Decker's Ugg Australia Classic Boots are now ONLY made in China, Ugg Australia Sundance Boots and Ugg Australia Ultra Boots are made in New Zealand. The fake Decker Classic UGG label will often say made in Australia or New Zealand (although here again the fakers are getting clever and now have labels saying 'made in China') The point is THEY ARE NOT MADE IN AUSTRALIA OR NEW ZEALAND.

14. Where the sole joins the heel, the genuine UGG has a flush join. On the fake there is a solid line clearly visible

15. The outside UGG labels are subtly different. Note how 'australia' is in a bolder font on the fake - which is shown on the right. On the real UGG, the ®, is right in the middle of the open jaws of the 'G', in many of the fakes the ® it is right at the top of the jaw - see photo below. In many fake UGGS, the label is also too high up on the heel. If you are not sure look at the real ones in a High Street shop

16. To my knowledge and indeed from the official UGG Australia website, UGG do not make a CAMEL colour - if your label says 'CAMEL' then your boots will be fakes.

17. Most fake UGGS come up small - as opposed to genuine ones which come up big. If you are advised to order a size up from normal or the seller says they didn't fit - then this is a sure sign they are fakes!

18 Of course the price is a huge clue. Given that supply in the High Street is less than demand then there will NOT be any great bargains to be had. Genuine UK sourced Decker UGGS in the Tall Classic style are at least £160 - anything less than £110 and they are probably fakes. US sourced classic short UGGS are about £60 and classic tall UGGS £75 - again anything less and they will be fakes - especially as shipping needs to be added. Also please be aware that if your shipment is from overseas then there is a chance that you will be stung for import duty, VAT (17.5%) and the Post Office handling charge for collecting this. If the boots are genuine, then this can still work out cheaper than UK High Street prices, BUT you need to be extra vigilant on the authenticity of what you are buying as the fakers NEVER pay a refund of postage costs.

19. To summarise, please please be careful as the vast majority of UGGS on eBay look very much like fakes. Anything with a 'SNOW BOOT' dust bag is a fake, anything with a blue or brown leather label pinned to it is a fake and finally watch out for the fakers who use generic photographs rather than individually taken photographs - the fakers often use real UGG photos (from the UGG web-site) that are nothing like the boots you will be sent! People who sell fakes with large shipping costs also claim that you can have a refund if you are not happy - but the small print excludes shipping costs and they can also add a 'restocking fee' - in other words they know damned well that you will want to return them and are stacking the odds and prices against you!! Take care and Good Luck!

20. STOP PRESS UPDATE!!! I am absolutely appalled at eBay's apparent lack of concern about the huge number of fake UGG Australia boots on eBay. Even though items are reported they seem to refuse to take the listing down - I wanted to post a rogues gallery but in their wisdom eBay only allow 10 pictures to a guide (further evidence that they don't care) so please look at my other guides for pictures. In the meantime, unless you are happy to have a pair of fakes, please proceed with extreme caution.

One example of a FAKE UGG Australia Boots (Deckers). On the authentic boot, there are no pinned on labels that say "UGG". From a visual perspective, the biggest clue to a fake is often the fact that the slope to the toe is very pointed rather than a gentle curve.

If your willing to buy Ugg boots off the internet then be careful what you buy because many are fake, if you arn't bothered by having fake boots that look similar to the real ones then im sure it doesn't matter.
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