Ugg Boots

My partner is after a pair of genuine Ugg boots for xmas one of the models that has the sole and fur down the side so they will wear outside too. think the model names are sundance II, sunburst and moonlight i've found up to now

Does anyone have any info on the best place to get these at the moment??

I hardly have any present ideas for her and I know shes already ordered me a PS3 so I need all the help I can get!!!



I've found some at ASOS, they're not cheap!


Also don't want to state the obvious but have you put Ugg into the search function at the top of the page?

Happy hunting

try m and m direct, they were the cheapest for me with free delivery too!

Original Poster

thanks guys but all the above are like at full price, does anyone have any deals or better prices on these cos they are well over priced so there'd have to be some good deals somewhere!
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