Ugg Boots Needed!

Hi Guys,

GF has decided that she wants a pair of Ugg boots for her christmas present.

Any one know a good (cheap) reliable retailer that stocks them?

I know im going to have to pay out for these pieces of Sh*t but would like to save some money too!

They have to be genuine as she has several pairs of 'fakes' already.

Any help appreciated, you guys always seem to come to the rescue!



Just got the new m and m direct Christmas book through the door today and on the back cover ugg boots at 69.99 rrp 124.99 or ones at 119.99 rrp 179.99 do not know if this good but m and m direct are always quite cheap
Hop this helps


I bought the classic tall ones a couple of weeks ago, and they are definitely genuine. Cheapest I've seen them by far. Think you can also get quidco, and the code "ghost" should get ou a further 10% off too. Hope that helps...

Original Poster

Cheers Guys!

Depends on what style you want. I know amazon are selling the cardi boots for around £80-£90 which is a good price.
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