Ugg boots - prices too good to be true? Genuine site?

Has anyone bought anything from the following site?

The prices look too good to be true to me

Thanks in advance for your help


wouldn't touch it. "feels" dodgy.

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That's what I thought, just been on Facebook and seen that one of my friends bought a pair last night and 2 others are considering

As quick as the police remove these fake sites, they spring up again.

This site has been around for a while and asked about a few times. It's not genuine and another scam site.

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Thanks Syzable, had a quick look on here and couldn't find anything

Just posted on friend's FB to be careful and someone else has posted that they bought a pair on friday

My sister bought a pair for around £60 off here, i bought a pair from USC for £125, i didnt see why hers were so cheap, looking at the boots shes got there is NO difference what so ever, but thats still not the point. The are clearly fake at that price.

We bought some for our daughter last year from this site.
When they arrived my daughter immediately realised that they were fake.
We then contacted PayPal and put in a dispute where we listed all the reasons why we thought these were fake.
Within 1hour they emailed us back saying the company had offered us a full refund.
We didn't even have to send back the 'fake' Uggs.

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Thanks MissCinderella and Netty

I'll mention it to her at work tomorrow, she'll be gutted that she's been scammed

owner-contact: P-STJ354
owner-organization: Shen Jia
owner-fname: Shen
owner-lname: Jia
owner-street: ShenNan Dong Road, ZhenHua Edifice
owner-city: ShenZhen
owner-state: Guangdong
owner-zip: 518001
owner-country: CN
owner-phone: +86.75582299914
owner-fax: +86.75582299914

admin-contact: P-STJ354
admin-organization: Shen Jia
admin-fname: Shen
admin-lname: Jia
admin-street: ShenNan Dong Road, ZhenHua Edifice
admin-city: ShenZhen
admin-state: Guangdong
admin-zip: 518001
admin-country: CN
admin-phone: +86.75582299914
admin-fax: +86.75582299914

tech-contact: P-STJ354
tech-organization: Shen Jia
tech-fname: Shen
tech-lname: Jia
tech-street: ShenNan Dong Road, ZhenHua Edifice
tech-city: ShenZhen
tech-state: Guangdong
tech-zip: 518001
tech-country: CN
tech-phone: +86.75582299914
tech-fax: +86.75582299914

billing-contact: P-STJ354
billing-organization: Shen Jia
billing-fname: Shen
billing-lname: Jia
billing-street: ShenNan Dong Road, ZhenHua Edifice
billing-city: ShenZhen
billing-state: Guangdong
billing-zip: 518001
billing-country: CN
billing-phone: +86.75582299914
billing-fax: +86.75582299914


i dont think its real i'm afraid

if u go on the real ugg site there is a list of people who sell them genuine if its not on that list its fake :thumbsup:
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