Uggs those who have them, worth it?

As above really, are Uggs worth it? I have wellies for when it rains and snows. I am usually a heel type person normally but for half of next term I will be heavily pregnant, then recovering from an op with a newborn.

So I will be driving the school run and just want comfy, warm, flat shoes for the school run.

Not fussed what people think they look like etc, I just want to know are they worth the money comfort wise, do they hold up, I know from seeing people in look a likes in towns they seem to fall apart, is it like this with real ones?

Any experiences please before I buy a pair, also what style/price did you pay as I don't know what is a good buy or not. Thanks!


mine are lovely and snug and well worth the money

meant to say i have black cardy ones
sorry it wouldnt let me edit original post!

I have a pair for putting on after surfing and generally dossing around...obviously I am a bloke... I really like them on women but only the plain original ...all the cardy type ones look a bit chavy and fake IMO

They don't suit everyone though,you either pull them off really well or you look a right dogs dinner

Really hardwearing though,mine have had some right hammer and are still in good Nick,i will purchase another at some point

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there where pretty bad review on these sometime ago about the fitting and not being good for the feet

Cloggs and asos tend to be the best places and sometimes have vouchers kicking around....

and remember they are made to be worn WITHOUT socks!



Hi Tinks
I got my first ones when I was pregnant with my first and now have 4 pairs.
I go for the plain original ones and they last forever, I just have them in different colours.
Normally get them from ASOS.
I would never get fakey ones either - they just aren't the same.

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I get size three but my shoe size is two and a half.
Don't know if this helps.

i love mine

They're brilliant! The genuine ones do NOT fall apart! When we had all that snow last winter I wore them every day, went out in it and just walked straight though, they got completely covered but were back to normal the next day! I've got the grey tall ones and got them a half size too small (they only do half sizes) and they were tight at first but soon mould to your foot!


Ahh thanks, that's what I mean I think they have a bad name because of … Ahh thanks, that's what I mean I think they have a bad name because of all the crappy looking fakes.Does anyone know how they size, I read somewhere they come up small, so buy big, but then read elsewhere to get them small as they mould to fit, which is it!?!?

I have had mine for about three years and love them. wear them to footie when it's really cold, they're so snug.

I am a size 7 and bought a size 7 but next time I would buy a size smaller. They were perfect when I bought them but when the sheepskin flattened they were too loose. And now I wear two pairs of socks to make them fit properly. Still love them though.

Chesnut for a starter, then next year get the black ha ha

i also think it depends on what you suit as i would never have dreamt of wearing/buying cardy ones as i wanted the tall ones but i didnt suit any apart from the cardy ones which i was surprised about but they do suit me and as barky says do not wear socks with them

They're definitely an investment. More expensive than the cheap fakes but really worth as they last AGES. I love mine. I got the Bailey Button ones in chocolate. I'm between a 5 and 6 but got the 5.5 and they fit perfectly. They are so comfy and feel fab in your bare feet (definitely no socks). I bought mine from Shudoo as they are an authorised Ugg retailer. I bought them when there was a 20% off voucher in some magazine. Normally they don't include Uggs but this one did so I bought the Ugg care kit as well and got 20% off that too so it was a bargain. If you can try and get the care kit too as it has the protector spray and shampoo etc in as well and it will prolong the life in your boots.

inside is fluffy and comfy socks are uncomfortable and tight
i was really surprised at my uggs and when i got them i realised why they are soo expensive as i have no other footwear anywhere near this price!



My sisters got 3 pairs, I think they're pointless, I tried them on and … My sisters got 3 pairs, I think they're pointless, I tried them on and they don't even feel nice, just a silly brand name obsession.

You either have girly small feet or your sister has freakishly large ones.

Have a look at Emu boots, they are also made in Australia and high quality boots in the same style as Uggs but a lot cheaper, have a look at Amazon. They are so warm and comfy.

house of fraser in store (bluewater) still got stock to £89 although they were pink cardi ones.....

my friend wore them in her pregnancy and she loved them.


Hmm jus trying to decide on a colour, I am torn between chesnut and … Hmm jus trying to decide on a colour, I am torn between chesnut and black. Which is the most durable colour. DO chesnut end up fading/dirty quickly or is it black as they are darker. Anyone who know I would be greatful!

I would go with whatever colour you tend to wear more of in the winter ( colour of coats, jumpers etc !) i personally like the brown , although i also have black, but wore the brown a lot more last winter ( they look best with jeans etc ! ) good luck xx
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