Found 12th May 2008
Just got my new sky+ box fitted but it is so ugly! my normal box looked much nicer! Cant believe im fretting about this, whats wrong with me

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Does it not look like the one on their website?

Pictures for us ???

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Does it not look like the one on their website?

it looks grey, and like an old vcr box, i think i need to go out more, hmmm shopping therapy!

i had mine fitted 2 weeks ago and mine is quite nice, mind you i did state i wanted a white box (to go with the house decor lol) the guy said the new ones are white so i was in luck, its a bigger version (quite bigger infact) of the wii.



Is it this … Is it this one? is the only one i've ever seen

like wise...very happy with it's design well apart from the flap covering the viewing card broke in the first week.

If you're feeling unhappy with it & a bit adventurous you could always Pimp Your Sky Box!!!…ox/
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