uh oh! its gone dark!

    just about to head off to get ds1 from school and the skies have opened up..... really really heavily raining! not good as have to take DS2 with me and parking is horrendous at school...

    dunno why im posting this....

    better get going! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    Where you not called Faiza?

    Yes I think you're right................................ faiza1 ?

    It opened up here earlier.

    and yes, it's faiza1.

    Whys everybody changing their names?

    I'm not. Oh and it's dark down the road from Narnia too :lol:

    aaaand its just started raining again.

    I thought you were not allowed to change your name or profile although if it is permitted what's the point?

    And its chucking it down here in Plymouth as well, mind you just had a call from my daughter in NY and its lovely over there, roll on summer so long as its not like last year!

    I changed my user name as when I originally joined I used my real name, so for this type of thing they let you change, just go to contact us at the bottom of page if you want to get in touch with admin.
    Just stopped raining here in N'hants.. has been on & off all morning as usual

    Beautiful sunshine in Blackpool:-D

    it hailed so much here earlier it looked like it had snowed! Now it's beautiful blue sky and sunny - Basingstoke, Hampshire

    Blue sky and sunny? pouring it down in portsmouth!

    blue sky and sunny south wales

    its sunny here. haha beans got wet nerner

    Original Poster

    changed name cos it was easy to work out who i was...on another forum i was giving out way too much info .. and was ranting about hubby or inlaws... thats a really popular forum and if u google baby stuff u usually get me nattering away! not good really cos if anyone i know went on there theyd know easily it was me....

    im paranoid!

    anyways..stupid CCTV smart car from council was out today! not good as was parked on a white solid line were the kerb was raised..... does that mean i will get a ticket..actually will post new topic in ase someone else knows...thanks!
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