uh oh silly mistake i washed whites with black!!!

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Found 14th Jul 2009
in the washing machine

how can i turn the dyed whites that have turned greyish back into white?


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Sorry but I lol'd :lol:

You could try steeping them in bleach? But only if they are pure white with no designs or anything on them, or try the Vanish white ( but I think its rubbish! )

Can't you use them new dye catcher sheets? The colour will probably come out as fast as it went in.

Lol, you are better off buying some 'colour run', it's great stuff! ;-)

Not that I have ever needed it! :whistling::oops:

Edit: ]This!

i dont even sort my washing, i do all colours together, never had any problems yet


Could have been worse...........could have washed them with Reds. :-D

There is something you can buy called colour remove or something similar. Supposed to deal with these instances. Vever used it so dont know if it works. Would be in soappowder area of supermarket if available.

I had this problem a couple of years ago - put one of my red dresses that should have been hand wahs only in with my other colorus and everything came out pink - i sat on my kitchen floor and cried as i had ruined so many of my clothes! however i did fix it..............

Immediately run the washing machine through another complete wash cycle. Quick action may be enough to wash the color out.

For whites, a Color Remover which works wonders for returning items to white. Beware that it turns everything to white, so only wash items in the Color Remover if you are expecting solid white items in return.

try these:

colour run by dylon - britsuperstore.com/aca…tml
a cheaper one that i have used - auravita.com/Bra…asp

good luck!!
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