Uhoh I might be a Dad again Soon!

Just about to set off to the hospital cos the Mrs thinks her waters might have broken! She's not due until March 7th!
Has anybody been in the same position before? What if she has the baby 3 months early!
I havn't got the baby anything for Cristmas neither!



WOW..... all the best mate... hope the baby is healthy


good luck matey

oh dear, get off you computer and make sure the lovely missus is ok lol..... hope everything goes really well.... good luck

tell her to hold on for a couple of days and call him jesus?!

Original Poster

Cheers. I'm shaking like a ******** dog now though. Just waiting for the brother in law to bring the car back!

She's fine, she's just getting changed.


Cheers. I'm shaking like a ******** dog now though. Just waiting for the … Cheers. I'm shaking like a ******** dog now though. Just waiting for the brother in law to bring the car back!

awww :friends: you'll all be fine.... try and keep calm for your missus

Good luck mate, Hope your Mrs and baby are ok.

as lynds says stay calm for your missus -

hope everything will be fine

best wishes

my little boy was 12 weeks early, but he is 2 now and a little s*d.

Better get to Tesco's quick its open 24 hours and get the baby a pressie!

good luck x

dont get yourself in too much of a panic, it'll make her panic. you need to be the calm 1 until you get into the waiting room and then can swear and pace and smoke!

Oh god! Good Luck!!!

Good luck hope all ok, dont worry Tesco still open till about 4.00pm tomorrow plenty of time to buy a pressie and some nappies!

Is it your first? Hope all goes well for you; stay calm!! :thumbsup:

edit: I don't suppose it is your first; I notice you say 'again' in the OP. doh.

The best time for a baby. Happy Christmas and hope all goes well. It's my nephews birthday tomorrow (Chistmas Eve) and he loves it !!

Good luck - I hope all goes well.

Just think of all the Christmas names you could choose
Noel, Gabriel, Carol, Holly, Joseph, Robin, Ivy, Mary

Aw congratulations! My mates son was born 14 weeks early but is in perfect health he's 11 months now! xx

Hope everything goes well for you and your mrs, all the best!

aww try not to panic special care are fantastic these days and they will probably give her steroids to mature the babies lungs ... also .. waters can break and re heal over the tear if the cervix hasnt started dilating beyond 2 cm .... they can give her a hormone to stop the labour and bide some time

either way i wish you luck and hope all goes well xxx :-D

Good luck!
While you may think that you do not have anything for the baby this Christmas, the baby does...
two caring parents is probably the best present any baby can get :thumbsup:

Aww.. good luck, hope all goes well and keep us posted xxx

All the best - lovely time for a new baby

good luck m8,bet you must be realy worried,were expect our baby on april the 15th!


good luck mate, my friend had a baby born at 3 months early and she is healthy as can be they can do marvelous things with premature babies nowdays

Oh gosh! Loads of love and luck! x

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Thanks for the support people. Everythings fine with mother and baby.
I also remembered I have a jumbo Toblerone I could have used as a backup present if the kid came early! My 2 daughters will probably swipe that off me though!

Good luck, i hope all goes well xxx

good luck i have everything crossed for you all xx

Good luck to you both. My waters broke very early too and I managed to hang on to him for 3 days before he was born premature. The second one I lasted 2 days so I would say the birth is not far away.

As Nicki has said they will give the steriod injection for the baby's lungs as soon as she get there, hurts like hell too but worth it. SCBU are fab and I can't praise my local one enough, if the baby arrive he/she will have the best care

Best wishes xx

any news ? hope all is ok x
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